How To Use Record Retrieve Recording Announcements – Record Outgoing

How To Use Record Retrieve Outgoing Recording Announcements.

Last week we introduced to you to the keypad shortcuts for recording incoming calls. This week we’ll look at recording announcements for record outgoing.

Record Retrieve has a number of features and capabilities that will assist you in adopting best practice and meeting legal requirements. These features align with our Call Compliance Framework, which was designed specifically to assist businesses who use call recording for compliance reasons.

Because you can never be sure who will answer the phone, we do not automatically play a prompt to advise the party that the call is being recorded. Therefore, you will need to advise them verbally that the call is being recorded or you can use one of our Hot Keys to play a pre-recorded prompt. There are also Hot Keys for stopping and starting the recording. The list of Hot Keys available are:

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Remember: Recording announcements are necessary to assist with best practice, and adherence to legal requirements, as well as any internal or external regulations.

Here’s an example: you’ve made your call, and you then proceed with recording. At a certain point during the conversation you need to take some credit card details from the customer. You are required to stop recording. You press *0 to stop the recording. You recipient hears, “recording stopped”. You take the credit card details in a compliant manner and then restart the recording by pressing
*0 or ##.

To customise your own recording announcements and prompts simply upload your file and follow the prompts.

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