How To Use Record Retrieve Recording Announcements – Record Selective

The last two posts we’ve been discussing Record Retrieve keypad shortcuts. So far we’ve looked at record incoming and record outgoing. This week we’ll discuss how recording announcements work for selective recording.

These announcements align with our Call Compliance Framework, which was designed specifically to assist businesses who use call recording.

The selective recording has many benefits. For one it allows users to start and stop a recording mid-call without interrupting the conversation. It can be done by simply pressing *0 to stop and *0 to restart again.

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Let’s go through the steps here.

  1. Make your outbound call
  2. To start recording your conversations merge your call with Record Retrieve
  3. You can do it by pressing ‘add’ button and  dialling your RR number
  4. Press #0 to play announcement and let your speaker know call is being recorded
  5. You can stop playing the customised announcement by pressing ##
  6. To end/restart recording press *0

To customise your own recording announcements and prompts simply upload your a file and follow the prompts.

If you have any other questions, please browse through our FAQ categories.

Make sure you follow best practice and play announcements as you are recording. 

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