5 Things to Consider with Call Recording

1.    Tag  your recording

When you finish a recording, and it appears in your portal, ensure that you tag the recording with a necessary term so that when running a search for that item, you will easily find that recording. If this feature is not available with the recording service that you choose, it will not be a convenient option. Record Retrieve, however, has this function.

2.    Is there a demo available?

Try before you buy. It’s a clichéd, but wise saying too apply to business purchases. While currently Record Retrieve has no commercial demo available, get in touch with the Record Retrieve service department on 1300 697 516 to facilitate a demo for you.

3.    Does it consider compliance?  

When it comes to call recording, there are many laws, regulations and standards which require a business to abide by. In order to satisfy these compliance requirements the call recording technology  must have the right technical inclusions to allow for compliant recording. That’s why Record Retrieve has a Call Compliance Framework with inbuilt manual and automatic recording announcements.

4.    Does it have relevant built-in features for your business needs

Record Retrieve can be used not only to meet a wide range of business needs, some a little creative and others for a specific function.If you’re a business that interviews a lot, you would need a transcription service. If you’re a business that needs automatic outgoing recording, you would need to find a recording service which has that feature. Make sure you identify what matters most to your business? Write those down and when searching, ensure that the product your looking for ticks those boxes.

5.  Real time or not?

Another very important consideration is whether the completed recordings will be available in real-time. Recordings are available in real-time with Record Retrieve, so as soon as the recorded call is completed you will be able to see it in the portal. The recording will be available  in the portal for download, forwarding and review plus transcription if needed.

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