Business Resolutions for 2015

We have now entered into 2015 and as with tradition, it is now time to set your business resolutions. Here are some that we’ve come up with to exemplify how call recording can help assist with improving your business in various ways.

1. Better staff insights 

There are two important questions to consider with your staff: are they engaged and how are they performing? But these two questions are linked together: if staff are engaged they are performing better, and vice versa. The answer, therefore, is ultimately interchangeable.

In the Asia Pacific, employee engagement has been recorded at 61% in 2014, up 3% since 2013. Of course such results can be fickle, and can vary per organisation. If leaders haven’t made a habit of continually espousing cultural improvement and making it integral to everything they do, staff, and therefore customers won’t espouse that vision either.

Another question therefore arises: if staff are not engaged, how can a business engage them, and how can a business find the right information which will accurately guide them to discover the most effective way in which to discover how?

One prominent solution lies within telephone call recording. Capturing the voice of your staff, discovering the conversational style and nuances, will give great insight into how well your staff are performing, engaging and justhow engaged they are.

2. Better customer insights 

Do you really know your customers? Do you know why they’re your customers? Do you know why they’re leaving your company, referring you to others, upgrading, downgrading, ending calls with frustration, or overjoyed with their interactions? Any business should know the answers to these questions, but a business should also have collected the right actionable insights. You gather data, but the right data, to make the right decision for your business.

Recording your customer interactions can give you that same valuable data that you get from recording your staff. Answer questions like the above by call recording.

3. Improved training methods

Are your training methods getting the best possible results? If not, do you know how to reconsider your methods? Do you have the right information that can advise you accurately on how to improve training methods which are specific to your business?

Listening to how your staff are approaching their over-the-phone interactions can lend a wealth of insights as to how they’re progressing – where are the weak points, they’re stronger points? Understanding the answer to these questions, can assist with tailoring a suitable training program to achieve the best possible results from your staff.

4. Stay compliant

It’s important to stay up to date with frequently evolving compliance standards and requirements. Of course, compliance requirements vary by industry. For instance, those in the financial industry will look to regulatory bodies such as ASIC for their various prescriptions. Those in the broadcasting and telecommunications industries will look towards ACMA for theirs. A business must take control of their operations to ensure that they’re being compliant.

Record Retrieve provides a Call Compliance Framework which can greatly improve compliance standards within a business, can satisfy legal requirements

5. Better sales processes 

If your sales are stagnating, you may need to rejuvenate your process. Snap up your leads faster by recording calls and using Record Retrieve’s selective recording feature.

6. Conversation Analytics

Entering 2015, we are entering a new year of advanced technology, especially when it comes to speech. Conversation analytics and audio processing technology coupled with captured audio like call recordings, has the ability to automate traditional and tired methods which are costing your business more than you think.

When it comes to processing and monitoring voice, manual processes are a thing of the past. With the speech processing technologies that are available today, they have the ability to automate processes such as real-time monitoring and mining, which have otherwise been manual “human” processes. Technologies like MARA,, or Emotive Voice Streams, are all examples of where technology improves processes which have been left non-digitised.

Where are you investing your efforts? To the right places? Start recording to find out more. 

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