Business Tips with Call Recording

Our customers using call recording are exceptionally diverse. We have pulled together some of our customers unique stories on how call recording is being used in their business, and which ultimately improves their business. These are some business tips with call recording.

1.    Podcast/Audio testimonials on website or other online marketing material

While businesses may opt for video, sometimes filming a person is rather time consuming. However, capturing customer sentiments over the phone, and then posting that online is a perfectly viable alternative. As a video would, it provides a human element to a website. With Record Retrieve this is achievable quite simply by recording the snippet that is needed, heading to your portal, downloading the file as an Mp3, and then proceeding upload it to your site. Alternatively, another idea could be to create a customer which can demonstrate a business’s capability through their customers’ sentiments. Amplifying the voice of your customer is great marketing approach and a cost-effective alternative to expensive advertisements. Through Record Retrieve you can use the selective recording feature to record specific parts of a call, or you can go through your recordings and find the sections that you need from all calls, then use your own software to create the montage.

2.   Coaching and Training 

For staff who regularly interact with customers over the phone, playing back their interactions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) during a training session can create a great sense of awareness, of how they come across to customers. Playing these interactions out loud creates a positive review environment, staff and managers can pinpoint particular moments from the interactions in order to coach and guide staff towards better outcomes.

3.    Understand buyer personas

It’s been said before, but there is great value in the notion of the Voice of the Customer. That’s because essentially the pulse of your business can be found within those conversations. That’s where your customer personas are. Listening to captured customer conversations, can give you great insight as to who your customers are and when they interact with your business. This gives you a better understanding of the personas, and how marketing, sales and other business specific data can be tailored more effectively.

5.    Order confirmations

One Record Retrieve customer uses Record Retrieve to capture very important orders (transportation of medical devices for implant or to repair diagnostic equipment).  It’s imperative to capture and confirm in real time the data that is needed for delivery. Although there are other call recording solutions out there, Record Retrieve has no lag time when it comes to the call recording being available for download in the portal. Other call recording services may take up to 24-48 hours for a recording to become available. In a fast-paced business world this is not ideal, when timeliness and completed accuracy is required for crucial deliveries, a call recording solution which works to this level is imperative.

6.    Phone exams

The uses of call recording even spans over to educational purposes, specifically exams. Students of life coaching are required to undertake a mock coaching session as part of the examination process. Due students studying remotely the examiner called the students, recorded the call, and the result was then sent to the markers. Much like the use of call recording for recruitment purposes, this instance of call recording proved essential.

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