Call Recording and Compliance

Whether your industry is wealth management, banking or financial planning, adhering to compliance standards, and laws like FOFA, is of utmost importance. Record Retrieve provides call recording technology to help businesses meet and address rules, regulations and compliance requirements for call recording. Along with our call recording plans, Record Retrieve also provides a telephone call compliance framework to ensure that regulatory requirements for call recording, and dealing with sensitive data are met. We address issues including:

  • How do you know if callers and recipients have been made aware of a call recording?
  • Was a notification played when a recorded call was transferred to a third party?
  • Are appropriate measures to safeguard sensitive customer data taken?

We developed the Call Compliance Framework to assist companies to assist businesses with meeting compliance standards and effectively conducting best practice.

We have been able to increase productivity by over 30% without the need for any equipment, and the simplicity of the voice recording platform is a bonus. What a sensational product!Mark Faber,
Managing Partner, V Mobile
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