Behind the Scenes of Record Retrieve

Subscribing to a service can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had a good amount of time exploring the features. That’s why in this post we’re taking you though the Record Retrieve portal, where all recorded calls are managed and organised. It’s a real utopia for call recording features. Quick hint: click on the images to enlarge them!


Recording Player

It’s pretty simple. The recording player allows for call recordings to be reviewed and listened to.

Call Grid

The calls grid is where all the recordings are listed. They are organised chronologically, automatically date stamped, with date, length noted and indication as to what type of call it was (incoming outgoing and so on). You will also find a notes field which you can fill out at your discretion.

There are also the in-portal features which include: download, forward, transcribe, archive and delete..

record retrieve call recording features


The account settings menu is where you can manage all of your settings, such as viewing your recording numbers manage prompts for your Call Compliance Framework. All you need to do is just click “add prompt” and follow the wizard.


record retrieve call recording features


In fact, there are many simple user-guided wizards which make setting up, managing settings and services easy. Adding a user, from the Services menu for example occurs after following a few very simple steps:


record retrieve call recording features


Conveniently, you can also manage your billing from within the portal. You can do this from the account settings menu mentioned earlier. You will also find a statement detailing your payment. Payments are usually direct debit.

record retrieve call recording features

You will also find manual and auto topup options when your account reaches your nominated low threshold amount (LTA). The LTA is the amount which triggers a topup. And the topup will occur as soon as your account reaches the LTA (via direct debit to your nominated credit card). A manual topup occurs when you simply select the topup amount from the drop down menu, and confirm the payment. Our payment gateway is completely secure, and assures piece of mind to all of our customers.

These are just some of the awesome features that Record Retrieve has to offer. Sound interesting? Contact us for more information, or if you’re really impressed, sign up today!


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