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Call Recording and Research & Interviews

Institutions like universities, researchers, lawyers, journalists – and many others use Record Retrieve with their qualitative research because it streamlines the interview process, and produces quality results. One day we sat and asked ourselves why there are all these different devices which basically do the same thing: record? So we implemented the functions of each of these devices (Dictaphones, transcribers, voice recorders) into our single Record Retrieve service. Record an interview and:

  • Not have to worry about note-taking during phone interviews, as the call is being recorded
  • Use mobile recording and access all web features when working remotely
  • Use our selective recording feature to start and stop recordings without ending a call
  • Have the recording transcribed by submitting your recording through a quick and simple wizard in your portal,
  • Downloaded a pure Mp3 file that you can share and sync

I believe that the Record Retrieve system is an excellent option for any researcher who needs to conduct telephone interviews, and really should be in the research arsenal of any social science research academic.Dr Duncan Murray,
Senior Lecturer, University of South Australia

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