4 Ways Call Recording Can Help a Business Save Money

While we can extol the benefits of call recording, ultimately, the most important benefit is to your company’s bottom line. In this post, we’ve complied a few of the ways call recording can assist with maximising revenue.

1. Improved training

The best way that call recording can assist with training is by simply letting you listen to conversations. By capturing a conversation and listening to it with your team, you can identify what is and isn’t working during a call. You can start to identify what are some of the common themes and trends occurring. By weaving this process into your training program, you can coach people more accurately. If you can identify what is really working well during a call, you will know to emphasize that during training. Identify what isn’t working, find solutions to fix these things, and train staff the right way.

Call recording can help a business save money by delivering the best insights to help training. When your staff feel empowered to do their jobs, the chances of turnover are far smaller.

2. Speedier contractual agreements (not having to wait for paper contracts to be sent out and received)

Capturing voice means that you capture every important detail – essential for any business that wants to keep track of their affairs. When it comes to Record Retrieve a recorded call can be transcribed, or the Mp3 file can also be shared directly from your user portal. Capturing important details, plus sharing that file, is a quick way to create contract that can be used until final documents are created. One great example is a customer who deals with a speedy influx of customers and needed a way to keep up with capturing agreements and sales over the phone. The voice contract increased productivity by 30%, Mark Faber, Managing Partner at V Mobile stated,

We have been able to increase productivity by over 30% without the need for any equipment, and the simplicity of the voice recording platform is a bonus. What a sensational product! Mark Faber, Managing Partner, V Mobile Vodafone Business

The voice contract solution expedites this process by allowing you and your customer to make the necessary agreements over the phone – then and there.

3. Better customer insights

In the first point we talked about how listening to your staff can help you understand what is and isn’t working. In this point, it’s about how you listen to the customer. Capturing customer conversations can give you a better idea of what these conversations are composed of, what they expect, what they don’t expect, and what their general moods regarding certain situations.
This kind of information is vital in helping a business keep their eye on their most important component: their customers.

4. Compliance monitoring

Recording calls comes with a set of best practice responsibilities. For example it is required that when you do record a call, you must notify your recipients that call is being recorded. This is just standard practice. However, how can you keep track of such things? Record Retrieve utilises prompts that you can control, but another issue is what kinds of things that customer and staff discuss. Capturing these calls, and monitoring them can yield a wealth of insights about the state of compliance in your business.
Be in the know and save money on fines and other consequences, like losing customer, from non compliance.

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