Case Study

How Record Retrieve Improved 3AW James Sherlock’s Interview Process


James Sherlock is a film historian, presenter, writer, publicist and film restoration, preservationist and is a valued member of the entertainment industry. After migrating to Australia from his native Scotland, James became a publicist in the late 1960s, and began an extensive career working with many legendary Oscar winning filmmakers and performers on some of the most memorable and influential motion pictures ever made, including The Godfather, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and many more.

His work has also seen him associated with many national TV programs including The Don Lane Show and Good Morning Australia. He currently hosts a beloved segment on 3AW on the Fairfax radio network, nationally around Australia and also on the national digital network.

Over the past four decades some of the luminaries of cinema that James has worked with includes: Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Gregory Peck, Peter Sellers, and many more. For his radio program, James Sherlock is required to interview and work with an impressive range of celebrities. However, sometimes interviews can’t be conducted in the studio due to time-zone and location differences of interviewees and other such situations rendering it impossible.


James needed a solution which would allow him to record his interviews despite location of his interviewees, or himself. James discovered Record Retrieve and found that his interviews could be easily recorded over the phone, and retain a high quality suitable for national radio broadcasting. With Record Retrieve’s simple Record Business package, James could record both incoming and outgoing calls. The recording was then instantly available in his secure portal as an Mp3 file, where he could then download or share that file with the appropriate individuals at the 3AW station. His interviews were then broadcasted and the quality of those recordings was no less than if the interview were live in the studio.
James reported that the benefits of cloud based call recording, and the anytime, anywhere logic, were wholly evident.

Record Retrieve has proven not only to be a service of unparalleled importance with accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but also with cost effectiveness, quality, simplicity, reliability, and most importantly, confidentiality.James Sherlock,
Radio Presenter, 3AW

James found there is great value in recording calls, enthusing, “for professional reasons like interviews, conference calls, Record Retrieve supplies a service for your chance to document and preserve a special personal moment or corporate issue that would otherwise not exist, and be accessible and available to you and for current and future generations to come.”

“They have been a proven life-saver on many levels for me beyond all expectations and I highly recommend them.”

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