Case Study

How Westpac integrated Record Retrieve services to dramatically improve efficiency


Westpac Institutional Bank’s mobile Financial Markets Specialists travel daily to meet with customers and transact business. For compliance and legal reasons, these transactions must be recorded. Westpac was using a fixed landline recording solution located in the Westpac dealing room. Every time a mobile consultant concluded a deal with a customer, a dealing room staff member had to make a follow-up phone call to the customer to reconfirm and record the transaction details, effectively duplicating the work of the mobile consultant.

Experienced and highly trained dealing room staff were being reduced to no more than call centre employees, having to stop their normal value-adding work to make calls to customers to whom they had no previous contact. Compounding the problem, customers were often not available for the follow-up phone call, requiring up to 3 to 5 call backs before final contact was made with the customer. The delay consumed valuable time and resources and exposed Westpac to market risk or even loss of the sale. Westpac needed a solution that would enable their mobile consultants and non-dealing room staff to record calls on their mobile phones (Blackberry) or office phones and a central access point to review the recording.


Record Retrieve implemented its market leading call recording service freeing up dealing room staff and allowing mobile consultants and other staff to record phone calls with customers as the deal was being transacted and agreed.

Implementation process

Westpac Senior management provided preliminary approval of the Record Retrieve solution. Then a process of due diligence, certification and approval was sought from the Risk Oversight Panel, Westpac Compliance and Legal & Security Services. Following formal approval, the Record Retrieve solution was implemented and fully operational within 24 hours. Business consultants and customer service agents were trained and Westpac began using the service immediately.

Benefits for Westpac

Enhanced customer service, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation have been the key benefits to Westpac. Westpac has significantly increased productivity across all mobile business consultants and dealing room staff. In addition, the Record Retrieve service has seen mobile consultants extend the use of the recording service to record important conversations and teleconferences. The immediate availability of the recordings via a cloud based central repository, coupled with the ability to email recordings to other staff members, has provided Westpac with a best in class coaching tool to mentor business consultants and help managers improve business process and outcomes.

Customer Experience

The Record Retrieve service has helped enhance the Westpac customer experience model across the business banking segment. Customers now deal exclusively with the people they know and trust and who understand their specific trade deals. They no longer have to endure duplication and waste precious time having conversations with people they have never met.

The Record Retrieve product has been an amazing “find” for us as it has optimised the transaction capability of our mobile business specialists and allowed them to be truly mobile, knowing their transactions are safely recorded and their sale has no chance of being lost. And importantly it has freed up our dealing staff – which is of significant value. The whole process with Record Retrieve has been seamless, so I would highly recommend Record Retrieve to our retail divisions – I can imagine multiple divisions in Credit Cards or any of our (Westpac) sales teams benefiting from your offerings.Nick Hall,
Associate Director, Financial Market


Following the great success of the Record Retrieve service in mobile business banking, other areas across the Westpac Group, including St George Bank, are looking to utilise the Record Retrieve service to further enhance the customer experience, train and coach staff and mitigate contract risk whilst meeting regulatory compliance. Beyond this, Westpac is also looking at how the Record Retrieve service may extend to overseas markets, particularly for the UK and NZ permanently based workforce.

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