Safety & Quality Questions

I can only hear one side of a conversation

Since our recordings are in stereo, it means that playback of one participant will be heard from one speaker, and the other in the second speaker. Therefore, if your speakers do not support stereo, you will only hear 1 participant. Try to play your file through stereo speakers or headphones. If this is not possible, then forward the file directly from your members’ portal to support@recordretrieve.com.au and we will work something out for you.

What number appears on the person’s phone when I call someone through Record Retrieve?

The phone number you are calling from will appear, just as if you had called the recipient directly.

What format are the recordings?

Recordings are digital and are delivered in mp3 format.

Does Record Retrieve work the same on mobile and VoIP phones?

Yes. You can use Record Retrieve on any phone. You just need to enter the phone numbers in my phones. Just go to, Account Settings, then my phones and add the numbers for the phones that you want to use the service from.

Does recording a conversation interrupt my call or put any noise on the line?

No. Record Retrieve records your conversation digitally, so there are no interruptions to your call or any noises on the line. However, if you are with OPTUS and making a group call for the selective service, at the start of the call you will hear “group call in progress” (that’s an Optus thing). With Telstra, when making a selective call there will be a faint ‘beep’ noise in the background.

How safe and secure are the recordings?

Our systems are built with security of the highest quality. Our logic is based on the same logic used by major financial institutes and is continually updated.