Call Compliance Framework

Are you really compliant when recording calls?

Our solution: Call Compliance Framework (CCF)

Despite stringent laws like FOFA many businesses rely on call recording tools that do not promote best practice.

Businesses are relying on playing automatic warning prompts at the start of a call and staff intervention at critical points. However human error and the complexities of different call recording situations contribute to considerable risk and non-compliance. The problem is that automatic warning prompts do not ensure best practice.

The Record Retrieve Call Compliance Framework (CCF) answers the important questions:

  • Can you verify that the warning prompt was played & the consent of the other party was captured?
  • What happens if the call is transferred to a third party?
  • Did you play the warning prompt to both parties?
  • Was the recording stopped when requested by the other party?
  • Can you easily provide access to the recording if requested by an individual?

Our Call Compliance Framework is a simple and effective solution to assist with call recording compliance.

  • No software/hardware needs to be installed
  • Instantly activated
  • Automated training/on-boarding


Here’s how it works:

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