How To Prepare For Call Recording in Your Business


Demonstrate to your staff how the call recording platform is used. With Record Retrieve for example, which is cloud based, it’s relatively basic. Sign up, you’re emailed your recording number, and away you go. Some other hardware or even software solutions may be a bit more complex. Whatever option you do select, train your staff on its usage. If the site has a how it works section, share the page with staff. But it’s always best to physically show staff how to use it with a demonstration. This way staff are more comfortable with the service, and can get better use of it.


It’s also important to share the rationale as to why your company is now using call recording. The reasons may vary from business to business, but there are stock reasons including compliancetraining, and voice contracts. It’s also important, from a top-tier level, to understand best practice when it comes to call recording, and to pass that best practice information to the rest of the organisation. It’s about having a compliant culture. Record Retrieve has created a best practice guide for those organisations using call recording so that they know the best possible way to conduct themselves when it comes to compliant call recording – not just for the company, but for the customers.


Show your organisation when call recordings need to take place. When an organisation has call recording it’s usually the case that it will be used in any instance – outgoing, incoming, conference and mobile calls. A call that is being recorded needs to be announced from the very beginning of the call. When it comes to mobile recording, while you still need to inform your recipient that the call is being recoded it’s also in the best interest of a business to keep their information private and secure. This isn’t always the case with mobile recording applications. A service like Record Retrieve, works a little bit differently, and mobile calls can be recorded in the same (and secure) way that landline calls are made, and we also give you mobile access to the portal and other features. This way your data is safe and remains secure and private.


Staff may ask where call recording can be used, i.e mobility. Depending on the type of technology you’ve got, it will dictate where it can be used. Cloud based is the most flexible since it means that you can use any phone, anytime, anywhere. It’s also the most instantaneous when it comes to collecting your recording. With Record Retrieve, for example, once your call and recording has ended, the file will be in your portal instantly. Be explicit with your staff, and let them know where they need to use call recording – from every phone, whenever they’re acting in the interests of the company.

Today there are many ways that call recording can be integrated into your business, from hardware to software to cloud. You need to select what is most appropriate for your business. Educate your organisation with the rationale behind your decision and provide them with the appropriate training and best practice information they need to excel with call recording.

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