How Record Retrieve Helps Businesses

Record Retrieve has a wide variety of customers. From mystery shoppers, to banks, universities, and government, we’ve provided recording solutions to them all. The solutions we provide work really, really well. And so we create a case study to help other future customers, and also current customers see the value in our offering. With this in mind, here’s a roundup of all the case studies to date, in a neat little précis, outlining the main problems and solutions from each scenario. You may find something which you didn’t think of, and see how that could apply to your business. Or you could see how you could be doing something differently. Here we go.

Merit Solutions

A human resources firm, Merit Solutions needed a way to capture and replay referee comments for recruitment candidates. The main problem was that they needed to convey the comments in their original way. After all, everything is always interpreted differently by everyone. Having the sentiments recorded, allows for the original tone to be interpreted by all listeners. Recording provided Merit Solutions with a well-matched solution. By recording the comments, they could then forward, play and share the recording with all people necessary.


Westpac is a renowned Australian banking firm. Being one of the largest institutions, means that a lot of phone calls are conducted throughout the day. Mobile dealing room staff, however, needed a way to keep their clients on the phone, close deals, or have them agree to terms, while on the call. Otherwise, they would need to call them back to reconfirm all the details. This was problematic because it was unreliable as clients would be hard to track down. The solution was to create a mobile call recording application for the mobile staff so they could capture all details, and wouldn’t have to call them back. This way mobile dealing room staff could also forward and share the recordings with their clients as a confirmation.


1300Homeloan was focusing on its customer service strategy. It found that when customers make initial contact with one broker, they should continue to have contact with that broker. This establishes a rapport between customer and company, and also means that queries will be dealt with faster as the agent already has all the details and a familiarity with the customer.

Record Retrieve (although for this solution we were still known as 1300Record) created a bespoke call routing solution for 1300Homeloan. Firstly, whenever a customer made contact with the company, they would need to enter their postcode. Their call would then be routed to the nearest 1300Homeloan office to that postcode. Secondly, if a customer had already made contact with an agent, their call is connected to the broker that they already spoke with.  All calls are also automatically recorded, and additionally, 1300Homeloan have their own portal which allows them to manage their call recordings, view metrics such as demographics.

James Sherlock of 3AW

James needed a way to not only record his interviews, and use the file to then publicly broadcast on live on radio. The quality of the recording had to then be very high quality, and also the recording had to be instantly available to the production team.

This solution allowed James record his interviewees at anytime, anywhere, and also have instant access to the recording, for production purposes. Through the summary of these case studies – and these are just a handful – you can see the many handy uses that call recording has.

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