How To Use Record Retrieve Recording Announcements – Record Incoming

Why Recording Announcements?

As we’ve discussed in another post, it’s imperative to be transparent when it comes to call recording.
Recording Announcements are audio disclaimers for your customers. It lets them know what’s going on during the call. If you’re going to be recording their call, they need to know that the call is being recorded. If they don’t want the call to be recorded at all, or during specific times, you need to have the ability to stop the recording, and also announce that the recording has stopped. Record Retrieve has inbuilt announcements created to assist with best practice (PCIDSS requirements) and legal requirements (Call Compliance Framework) . If you would like to know more about legality and ethics of recording voice, have a look at our previous post on the laws on call recording.


We offer our customers default announcements and whispers, as well as a possibility of personalizing their messages. We also have a lot of keypad shortcuts which can make call recording life a little easier:


Insert double blog
These Hot Keys can be pressed at any time during a call. They cannot be customised.

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