Why You Should Record Your Conference Calls

Why should you record conference calls?

What were you doing during your last conference call? Eating? Exercising? Texting, emailing or Tweeting? Video games?

There’s little point in denying it because research says: you, or someone you know, probably were.

A recent survey by Intercall asked 500 employees about their habits during conference calls. They found that:


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Evidence is stacking up: no one is paying attention to your conference calls – in another report, researchers found that 71% of participants cited the lack of input from others as a problem with virtual meetings.

Why is no one paying attention to your conference calls?

Your Conference Calls are at a Bad Time

There many factors which contribute to people’s dwindling attention during conference calls. For example, it could be attributable to time and a bit of neuroscience.

For instance, at 6am many people experience a sharp rise in the availability of the attentional molecules (which, for example, causes us to wake up).

During the morning:

  • Alert molecules remain relatively high
  • Mind is sharper and it is easier to maintain attention

But in another study it was found that alertness and cognitive performance could be impaired for more than 2 hours after awakening, even in the studies’ participants who were not sleep deprived and who were sleeping at their habitual times.

But regardless, in the afternoon:

  • Average levels of attention molecules decline,
  • Lowest levels are at midnight to help sleep and rest
  • Schedule activities which require less attention, but are interesting

Your Conference Call is Boring

Another reason for inattentiveness could because, unfortunately, your conference call is just boring. Boredom, essentially, is the longing for mental engagement. Researchers at York University in Canada, define boredom as “an aversive state of wanting, but being unable to engage in satisfying activity, which springs from failures in one of the brain’s attention networks.”

This failure in the attention network could be what leads employees to digress from their conference calls.

Record Your Conference Call

A solution could be to record your conference call.

Studies have also shown that since 2011 there has been a great increase in the total number of minutes which people spend on mobile conference calls, indicating the global shift towards mobile conference calls – in 2013 the percent of total conference call minutes using mobiles was 21.2%.

So considering where some of these calls take place – recording your mobile calls is more than viable – it’s a smarter business decision. And a compliant one, too.

Once you’ve recorded your conference call it’s important to retain the important information. One way is to get your call transcribed. This way you have a verbatim account of everything that was said, on paper, along with your full recording.

Learn more about recording or get in touch with us to find out more.

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