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Call recording and compliance DiscoverCard duped customers into signing up for payment plans and other add-ons they didn’t need. American Express agreed to refund $85 million to 250,000 customers and pay $27.5 million in civil penalties after federal and state regulators determined numerous violations of consumer protection laws. Then there was the LIBOR scandal, where the big players in […]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a dispute is largely unavoidable in business. They’re nothing new. Disputes are an inherent part of working life – and life in general. A dispute is quite simply a disagreement between any number of parties regarding almost anything, acted upon or spoken. Various reasons for mis-communication can include: cross-cultural misunderstandings, language […]

“Mr. Watson – Come here – I want to see you.”  Mr. Watson was stationed in one room with the receiving instrument. He pressed his ear closely against S [the receiving instrument] and closed his other ear with his hand. The transmitting instrument was placed in another room and the doors of both rooms were […]

Record Retrieve not only offers a comprehensive recording solution, but also with its revolutionary recording number, gives users the ability to keep their mobile numbers private, and distribute their recording number instead. Privacy in the workplace is on the up!